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Thursday 20 June 2024

Biology MCQs Part 40 | NTS Biology MCQs With Answer

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Biology  Mcqs for Preparation specially for NTS, ECAT MCAT, CSS, PPSC, ETEA ,KPSC, EPPSC, PPSC, , and other test. here you will find Biology  mcqs.

These MCQs for All Exams and jobs employment test and specially for MCAT, ECAT and Entry Test and For All Test Preparation(NTS, CSS, PPSC, ETC..). If you are looking Biological MCQs with answer so you are in right place. We have thousands of Biology MCQs Advance and Basic Level MCQs. It is for intermediate and graduate level bio multiple choice question. These of all multiple choice question are helpful in every test preparation. All intermediate and graduate exams MCQs. A great opportunity to improve your skills and perform batter in study. This mcqs will help in you in every science test.  The following all mcqs we have get from reliable source.

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391)     The primary function of hemoglobin is:

             (a) To transport oxygen  

                (b) Destruction of bacteria  

                (c) Prevention of anemia  

                (d) Utilization of energy  

)     Which blood group is known as a universal donor?

              (a) O  

              (b) AB  

              (c) A  

              (d) B  

)     Enzymes assist in:

              (a) Respiration  

              (b) Digestion of food  

              (c) Immune system  

              (d) Reproduction  

)     Pytalin is an enzyme produced in the:

             (a) Salivary glands  

             (b) Pituitary glands  

             (c) Thyroid glands  

             (d) Pancreas  

)     Heightened emotion is caused by:

             (a) Pituitary glands  

             (b) Thyroid glands  

             c) Adrenal glands  

             (d) Salivary glands  

)     The shortest bone in the human body is the:

             (a) Vertebrae  

             (b) Stapes  

             (c) Phalanges  

             (d) Metacarpals  

)     A balanced diet contains:

             (a) Animal protein  

             (b) Macro and micro nutrients  

             (c) Food nutrients for growth and maintenance  

             (d) Butter and ghee  

)     Wisdom teeth usually grow between the ages of:

              (a) 34-40  

              (b) 17-35  

              (c) 45-55  

              (d) 10-17  

)     The term "dossier" means:

            (a) The do of medicine  

            (b) The actual thing  

            (c) Relevant papers  

            (d) Unarranged papers  

)     Lack of _______ causes diabetes:

            (a) Sugar  

            (b) Insulin  

            (c) Calcium  

            (d) Vitamins  

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