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Wednesday 19 June 2024

Everyday Science MCQs | NTS Everyday Science MCQs | Part 14

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 NTS Everyday Science MCQs: 

Everyday Science MCQs For Preparation specially for NTS, ECAT MCAT, CSS, PPSC, ETEA ,KPSC, EPPSC, PPSC, , and other test. here you will find Everyday Science  mcqs.

Everyday Science MCQs cover a wide range of topics and are essential for NTS tests. This keyword indicates that users are actively seeking these types of questions.Everyday Science for  

These MCQs for All Exams and jobs employment test and specially for MCAT, ECAT and Entry Test and For All Test Preparation(NTS, CSS, PPSC, ETC..). If you are looking Everyday Science  MCQs with answer so you are in right place. We have thousands of General Knowledge MCQs Advance and Basic Level MCQs. It is for intermediate and graduate level bio multiple choice question. These of all multiple choice question are helpful in every test preparation. All intermediate and graduate exams MCQs. A great opportunity to improve your skills and perform batter in study. This mcqs will help in you in every science test.  The following all mcqs we have get from reliable source.

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131)      Which of the following types of radiation is absorbed by the upper layer of the atmosphere?

            (a) Radio-waves

            (b) Infrared

            (c) Visible

            (d) Ultraviolet

132)      After long periods of use, a gray spot develops on the inside of a bulb. This is because:

            (a) The tungsten filament evaporates and collects there

            (b) The heat of the bulb scorches the glass at the top

            (c) Dust inside the bulb condenses on the top

            (d) Glass undergoes a change due to the heat

133)      Approximately, how many times each day do our heart valves open and close normally?

            (a) 10,000

            (b) 1,00,000

            (c) 1,50,000

            (d) 2,00,000

)      A nuclear reactor harnesses nuclear energy by:

            (a) Nuclear fusion

            (b) Spontaneous fission

            (c) Uncontrolled chain reaction

            (d) Controlled chain reaction

)      Which one of the following raw materials is used in the manufacture of foam used in mattresses, cushions, etc.?

            (a) Methanol

            (b) Ethanol

            (c) Urea

            (d) Phenol

)      Permanent magnets can be made from:

             (a) Cobalt

             (b) Aluminum

             (c) Nickel

             (d) Lead

)      Atmospheric pressure exerted on the earth is due to the:

            (a) Rotation of the earth

            (b) Revolution of the earth

            (c) Gravitational pull

            (d) Uneven heating of the earth

)      Quantity of fresh air required for a man is:

            (a) 1000 cubic feet of air for every 20 minutes

            (b) 1000 cubic feet of air for every 20 seconds

            (c) 1000 cubic feet of air for every 10 minutes

            (d) 1000 cubic feet of air for every 10 seconds

)      Where does the oxygen that keeps us alive come from?

            (a) Carbon dioxide

            (b) Carbonates absorbed from the soil

            (c) Oxides of minerals

)      Which one of the following metals pollutes the air of a city having a large number of automobiles?

            (a) Cadmium

            (b) Chromium

            (c) Lead

            (d) Copper

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