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Sunday 16 June 2024

Biology MCQs Part 39 | NTS Biology MCQs With Answer

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Biology  Mcqs for Preparation specially for NTS, ECAT MCAT, CSS, PPSC, ETEA ,KPSC, EPPSC, PPSC, , and other test. here you will find Biology  mcqs.

These MCQs for All Exams and jobs employment test and specially for MCAT, ECAT and Entry Test and For All Test Preparation(NTS, CSS, PPSC, ETC..). If you are looking Biological MCQs with answer so you are in right place. We have thousands of Biology MCQs Advance and Basic Level MCQs. It is for intermediate and graduate level bio multiple choice question. These of all multiple choice question are helpful in every test preparation. All intermediate and graduate exams MCQs. A great opportunity to improve your skills and perform batter in study. This mcqs will help in you in every science test.  The following all mcqs we have get from reliable source.

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What is the primary function of the renal artery?

             A) Transport urine to the bladder

             B) Carry blood to the kidney

             C) Filter blood in the kidney

             D) Reabsorb water from urine


What is the process called when materials are filtered out of the glomerulus into the Bowman's capsule due to high blood pressure?

             A) Tubular secretion

             B) Active transport

             C) Pressure filtration

             D) Osmosis


Which substances are not filtered out of the blood in the glomerulus due to their large size?

             A) Water and salts

             B) Sugars and nitrogenous wastes

             C) Blood cells and plasma proteins

             D) Salts and glucose


From which part of the nephron is most of the glucose reabsorbed into the blood capillaries?

             A) Distal convoluted tubule

             B) Proximal convoluted tubule

             C) Loop of Henle

             D) Collecting duct


Where are salts primarily reabsorbed in the nephron?

             A) Proximal convoluted tubule

             B) Distal convoluted tubule

             C) Collecting duct

             D) Loop of Henle


What is the process of adding waste materials from blood capillaries into the renal tubule called?

             A) Tubular secretion

             B) Filtration

             C) Reabsorption

             D) Diffusion


How do the kidneys respond when the body fluids have a limited amount of water?

             A) Increase urine volume

             B) Increase reabsorption of water

             C) Decrease blood pressure

             D) Increase waste secretion


378)     W
hat happens when there is an excess of water in the body fluids?

             A) Reduced reabsorption of water

             B) Increased filtration rate

             C) Reduced urine production

             D) Increased blood pressure


Which part of the nephron is primarily responsible for reabsorbing most of the water from the glomerular filtrate?

             A) Proximal convoluted tubule

             B) Loop of Henle

             C) Distal convoluted tubule and collecting duct

             D) Bowman's capsule


Which of the following functions do the kidneys mainly perform?

             A) Respiratory and digestive

             B) Circulatory and nervous

             C) Osmoregulatory and excretory

             D) Skeletal and muscular

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