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Monday 15 February 2021

General Knowledge MCQs Part 36


general knowledge mcqs

351)           Which country to open first embassy in Pakistan:

A)      Afghanistan

B)      Turkey

C)      Suadi Arabia

D)     Iran


352)           Mount Everest in Which Country:

A)      Pakistan

B)      Nepal

C)      Bhutan

D)     China


353)           To Whom was given the title of "Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity"?

A)      Qauid-e-Azam

B)      Molana Abu Kalam Azad

C)      Mahatam Gandhi

D)     Jawahir La Nehru


354)           Light Blub was invented by?

A)      Newton

B)      Thomas Edison

C)      Einstein

D)     None of Them


355)           In which province is the Karez method of irrigation practiced?

A)      Balochistan

B)      Sindh

C)      Pujab

D)     KPK


356)           When did Nawaz Sharif became prime minister for the first time?

A)      6th December 1990

B)      6th November 1990

C)      6th January 1991

D)     6th February 1992


357)           Which ordinance did Zia-Ul-Haq Promulagate  on june 20,1980.

A)      Lahore Reforms

B)      Islamic Huddood and Tazeraat

C)      Zakat and Ushar

D)     Zakat Fundation


358)           The two continents are connected by turkey:

A)      Africa and America

B)      Asia and America

C)      Europe and Asia

D)     Europe and Africa


359)           Which fruit is the most exported fruit globally?

A)      Apple

B)      Mango

C)      Grapes

D)     Banana


360)           The Italian city was build on 7 hills:

A)      Naples

B)      Venice

C)      Rome

D)     Milan

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