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Friday 17 April 2020

General Knowledge MCQs Part 35

general knowledge mcqs part 365
341) The World’s largest desert in area is:
A)   Sahara
B)   Arabia
C)   Gob
D)   Mogave

342) “Dead Sea” is lying between:
A)   Iraq and Sudan
B)   Israel and Jordan
C)   Russia and Japan
D)   Greece and Turkey

343) Identify the Largest Sea from given below?
A)   South China Sea
B)   Caribbean Sea
C)   Arabian Sea
D)   Sea of Marmara
344) Which country has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world?
A)   Japan
B)   Indonesia
C)   Philippines
D)   Cameroon

345) The length of Karakoram Highway (KKH) in Pakistan is:
A)   850 km
B)   1200 km
C)   1300 km
D)   1400 km

346) Which of the Sea is located in Central Asia?
A)   Red Sea
B)   Baltic Sea
C)   Aral Sea
D)   None of the above

347) Which Country’s land is below the sea level?
A)   New Zealand
B)   Japan
C)   Ireland
D)   Netherlands

348) On which  river Gudu, Sukkur and Kotri  barrages are situated?
A)   Chanab
B)   Ravi
C)   Indus
D)   Sutlej

349) Which of the following country consists of 1300 Islands?
A)   Malaysia
B)   Greenland
C)   Indonesia.
D)   Philippines

350) What is ‘Subway’?
A)   Underground passage
B)   A road or path raised above ground level
C)   Short passage to any place
D)   None of the above

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