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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Physics MCQs Part 22

physics mcqs with answer
The page where i have shared the MCQs of Physics. This mcqs will help you in every test preparation. This mcqs i got from Physics Notes. the physics mcqs given in every science test. this mcqs for all exams and job employment test and for intermediate and graduate  level. we have shared all basic and advanced level mcqs. you can check our previous post of Physics. in our data base thousands of phy multiple choice question. that mcqs will help student in entry test and ECAT & MCAt and other's all Test Preparation.

211. A mass of 20 kg is at rest. Its momentum is?
A. Zero
B. 200 kg m/sec
C. 196 n.sec
D. 20 kg m/sec

212. As we go away from the surface of earth, the value of g?
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Becomes zero
D. None of these

213. How many feet are in a yard?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

214. S.I is also called?
A. M.K.S System
B. C.G.S. System
C. F.P.S. System
D. None Of These

215. Motion of molecules of a body at absolute zero is?
A. Maximum
B. Minimum
C. Zero
D. None of these

216. Newton is the unit of?
A. Work        
B. Force
C. Energy
D. All of these

217. Force per unit area is called?
A. Density
B. Viscosity
C. Pressure
D. Energy

218. Momentum is called?
A. Force
B. Pressure
C. Tension
D. Impulse

219. A 5 kg mass is falling freely. Its weight will be?
A. 5 N
B. Zero
C. 19.6
D. 49 n

220. Earth is an?
A. Inertial frame
B. Non-inertial frame
C. Reference exist
D. Three dimension

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