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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Pedagogy MCQs Part 20

pedagogy mcqs for kppsc
The page where you going to get the Pedagogy MCQs. This multiple choice question for all teacher test. You will learn here the teaching method and class management and also learn Child Development and Pedagogy. The following MCQs i get from reliable source. This multiple choice question will help you in every test preparation. Read and share with other's. The all question is solved you can read all previous Question of Pedagogy go our main page.

191. The meaning of teaching method is?
A. Style Of Teaching
B. Way Of Teaching
C. Art Of Teaching
D. Substitution Of The Knowledge From Outer World Outer World Into Child's Intellect

192. A teaching method completes with the help of?
A. Various Techniques
B. Many Tactics
C. Many Postures
D. Many Approaches

193. What a teaching method is?
A. An art
B. A science
C. Both art and science
D. Can't say

194. It is possible to teach without a teaching method but it is harmful becuse one cannot?
A. Attain the objective
B. Develop perfection in learning situation
C. Deliver organized teaching
D. All of the above

195. What term has been used when the external knowledge of the environment is fused with a child's brain?
A. Teaching method
B. Teaching tactics
C. Teaching skill
D. Teaching process

196. Which of the following method is termed as an essential evil?
A. Lecture method
B. Lecture-cum-demonstration method
C. Assignment method
D. Discussion method

197. Which of the following is not included in process dimension of teacher-centred methods of teaching?
A. Reception
B. Authority
C. Memory
D. Discovery

198. Which one of the following characteristics is present in teacher-centered method?
A. Formality
B. Teacher's authority
C. Neglect of innovations
D. All of the above

199. The dimension of a teaching method is?
A. Factual
B. Process
C. Environmental
D. All of the above

200. The main objective of child-centered teaching method is?
A. To develop the learning abilities in children in free way
B. To develop the skills in children
C. To develop independence in students
D. All of the above

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