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Monday 25 July 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 22

chemistry mcqs with answer
The page where are you going to get Chemistry MCQs. In this post i going to share with you the basic MCQs of Chemistry. You can read our previous chemistry post where i have already shared basic and advanced level mcqs. This mcqs will help you in every science test preparation. Specially MCAT & ECAT or entry test. This mcqs specially for job's employment test. I have get this Chemistry Question from reliable source. This mcqs will also help you in intermediate and graduate level. I am focused to share fresh and important multiple choice question which will help student in test preparation. Read and share with other's.

211. Swedish chemist J. Berzelius determined the?
A. Atomic Volume
B. Atomic No
C. Atomic Mass
D. Atomic Density

212. When an electron is added to a unipositive ion we get?
A. Cation
B. Anion
C. Molecule
D. Neutral Atom

213. CO+ is an example of?
A. Free Radical
B. An Ionic Molecular Ion
C. Stable Molecule
D. ationic Molecular Ion

214. Simplest formula that gives us information about the simple ratio of atoms in a compound is called?
A. Empirical Formula
B. Structural Formula
C. Molecular Formula
C. Molar Ratio

215. Relative atomic mass is the mass of an atom of an element as compared to the mass of?
A. Carbon
B. Oxygen
C. Hydrogen
C. Nitrogen

216. Isotopes are the sister atoms of the same element with similar chemical properties and different?
A. Atomic Number
B. Atomic Volume
C. Atomic Structure
D. Atomic Mass

217. The number of atoms present in a molecule determine its?
A. Atomicity
B. Basicity
C. Acidity
D. Molecularity

218. The instrument which is used to measure the exact masses of different isotopes of an element called?
A. Mass Spectrometer
B. I.R. Spectrophotometer
C. U.V. Spectrophotometer
D. Colourimeter

219. Mass spectrometer separates different positive isotopic ions on the basis of their?
A. Mass Value
B. E/M Value
D. Change Value
D. M/E Value

220. Smallest particle of an element which may or may not have independent existence?
A. A Molecule
B. An Ion
C. An Electron
D. An Atom

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  1. dear ye all books are not downloadable because links are not working when we click on download links after clicking its doesnt working

    1. You Can Save/Download MCQs Page and Read Any Time Offline. You Need To Press CTRL+P and Select Option "Save As PDF" and Save in Computer. After This Processes You Can Read Any Time Offline Without Internet Connection This Function Does Not Work On Mobile.


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