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Sunday 5 June 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 21

chemistry mcqs with answer
The page where you read all chemistry mcqs this mcqs for all science test preparation, exams and jobs employment test. This will help in every science test you know in ecat test 40% mcqs from science, this mcqs specially for ecat & mcat test. We are focusing to share unique and new mcqs which are important in test preparation. We are found some old papers soon I will share with you the past papers mcqs with answer. Below is available chemistry mcqs you can read easily and share with other’s to help in test preparation you can read all chemistry mcqs which are on my website go to main page of chemistry and read all parts in one parts 10 mcqs available.

201. Energy of activation is usually expressed in?
A. Joules
B. Calories
C. Ergs
D. Newtons

202. When the products are in lower energy state than the reactants, the reaction is?
A. Stable
B. Endothermic
C. At equilibrium
D. Exothermic

203. Two molecules with sufficient energy collide to form?
A. Activated complex
B. Reactant
C. Product
D. Intermediate

204. The minimum amount of energy that a reaction system requires to attain transition state is called?
A. Internal energy
B. Deactivation
C. Reaction energy
D. Deactivation energy

205. The value of the activation energy is much greater than average kinetic energy of the?
A. Atoms
B. Molecules
C. Reactants
D. Products

206. Once a reaction starts, heat released by activated complex provides heat to the remaining molecules for?
A. Reaction
B. Activated complex
C. Product
D. Reactant

207. For a chemical reaction the number of molecules that become activated per unit time is indicate by?
A. Velocity of molecules
B. Velocity of reaction
C. Kinetic energy
D. Potential energy

208. When molecules attain energy more than the average kinetic energy, they form?
A. Product
B. Reactant
C. Activated complex
D. Biproduct

209. The activated complex dissociates into?
A. Reactants
B. Products
C. Catalyst
D. Intermediates

210. Only an effective molecular collision can result in the formation of a?
A. Product
B. Intermediate
C. Reactant
D. Activated complex

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