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Friday 10 June 2016

Physics MCQs Part 21

physics mcqs for fpsc
The Physics MCQs for all jobs and employment test. this a past paper mcqs and i hope thy will help you in test preparation. we are focusing to share unique and important mcqs. this mcqs class 11 and all degrees. this is a basic Physics MCQs and got from fsc course and other's science diplomas. Physics MCQs for the part 1 frcr. ecat, mcat, css, ppsc and all test service give this mcqs in science test. i hope you like this for more all subject mcqs just visit our website and read daily new fresh and past paper mcqs. read and share with other's to help in test preparation.

201. Air bubble in water shines because of the phenomenon of?
A. Dispersion
B. Total internal reflection
C. Refraction
D. Diffraction

202. Ice floats on water because the density of Ice is less than that of water, Out of the following what part of giant icebergs remains above water?
A. 1/10
B. 1/4
C. 1/2
D. ¾

203. Which one of the following coolers has the longest wavelength?
A. Green
B. Yellow
C. Blue
D. Red

204. Sun and the other stars are virtuously huge nuclear explosion chambers producing a large amount of head and light yet, we do not hear any of the explosions because?
A. Heat and light are electromagnetic
B. The outer space is an absolute vacuum
C. Sound waves get attenuated completely before they reach the earth
D. The process involved in the interior of the sun and the starts relate to atomic and subatomic particles and not molecules and their vibration

205. The advantage of AC over DC is that?
A. it can be transmitted over long distances with minimum power los
B. It contain more electrical energy
C. it is free from voltage fluctuation
D. its generation coats much less

206. The spherical shape of a small drop of a rain is due to?
A. Viscosity
B. Surface tension
C. atmospheric pressure
D. gravity

207. The blue color of sky can be attributed to?
A. differential scattering of the sunlight by the atmosphere
B. Total internal reflection of the sunlight by the atmosphere
C. Absorption of sunlight
D. Refraction of sunlight by the atmosphere

208. Which one of the following sets of properties are relevant for an electrical fuse wire needed for normal application?
A. Thick wire, high melting point alloy, short length
B. Short length, low melting point alloy, thin wire
C. Large length, low melting point alloy, thin wire
D. Thick wire, low melting point alloy, large length

209. Which of the following device is use to step down the voltage of alternating current?
A. induction cool          
B. Transformers
C. Transistor
D. Rectifier

210. Which one of the following can be used to focus sunlight?
A. Plan mirror
B. Concave lens
C. Concave mirror
D. Convex mirror

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  1. Sir would you have these in pdf file?

    1. No! But You Can Download Easily MCQs From Our Website If You are Using PC So Press CTRL+P and Select SAVE AS PDF and Save It.
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