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Saturday 4 June 2016

Biology MCQs Part 21

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The page where you learn biology mcqs for MCAT, ECAT, CSS, EATA test and other test preparation this mcqs got from different sources and past papers this is a most important mcqs of science test. This biology mcqs will help you in test preparation in mcat the percentage of biology mcqs is 40%. this is Biological Science mcqs This is latest mcqs and most important biology question read and share with other’s to help in test preparation if you found any mistake so tell us comment below or inbox on I will right and help you. 

201. In man which organisms cause abscesses on the skin of arms or legs?
A. A.Ascaris
B. Bacteria
C. Ring worm
D. Suinea worm

202. In many which phylum the body of an organisms is usually divided in there regions called head, thorax and abdomen?
A. Annelida
B. Echinodermata
C. Chordata
D. Arthropods

203. Which family consists of 600 genera and 10,000 species with world wide in distribution?
A. Poaceae
B. Solanaceae
C. Fabaceae
D.  Leguminoseae

204. Which family consists of 600 genera and 10,000 species which world wide in distribution?
A. Poaceae
B. Solanaceae
C. Legminoseae
D. None of Above

205. Potato belongs to the family?
A. Cruciferae
B. Leguminosae
C. Gramineae
D. Solanaceae

206. Amoeab moves in water with the help of locomotory organs called?
A. Setae
B. Pseudopodia
C. Tube feet
D. None of Above

207. In coelentrates mesderm give rise to?
A. Digestive System
B. Neverous System
C. Lining of the gut
D. Circulatory System

208. Animals included in this phylum are called?
A. Flateworns and Tapeworns
B. Tapeworns
C. Flateworns
D. Roundworns

209. In Planaria the locomotion is brought about by the beating of_______located on the ventral surface and the contractions and relaxations of body muscles?
A. Setae
B. Pseudopdia
C. Cilia
D. Flagella

210. Liver fluke is parasite in the liver of?
A. Sheep
B. Goat
C. Cattle
D. All of the above

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