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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 21

pakistan current affairs mcqs previews test mcqs
Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs and pak study mcqs for all test preparation this mcqs get from different sources and its important mcqs in this page you learn history of Pakistan and geography. Pakistan general knowledge is important for every test preparation. read and boost you knowledge share with other's to help in test preparation.

201. The number of districts in Baluchistan?
A. 26
B. 30
C. 32
D. 38

202. How many districts in Sindh?
A. 26
B. 29
C. 30
D. 38

203. How many districts in KPK?
A. 26
B. 29
C. 30
D. 38

204. How many districts in Punjab?
A. 26
B. 30
C. 35
D. 36

205. Who was the previous cm of Punjab?
A. Chudary sarve
B. Mia nawaz shareef
C. Shahbaz sharif
D. None of above

206. Who is the richest business man in Pakistan?
A. Mian nawaz shareef
B. Jhangir tareen
C. Chudary ria
D. Mian muhammad manshah

207. On which place Pakistan detonated nuclear test?
A. Abbotabad kpk
B. Kot mithan sindh
C. Chagai Baluchistan
D. None of above

208. Who is the current speaker of kpk assembly ?
A. Parvez khatak
B. Muhmmad ali
C. Shakir khan
D. Asad qiasar

209. What is the name of Pakistan's national flower ?
A. Rose
B. Red
C. Jasmine
D. None of above

210. Name of Pakistan’s national game?
A. Cricket
B. Hockey
C. Football
D. Kabadi

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