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Sunday 14 February 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 14

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131. The Minimum Amount Of Energy In Addition To The Average Energy, Which Is Just Sufficient To Convert Reactants To Products, Is Called.?
A. Activation Energy
B. Internal Energy
C. Dissipation Energy
D. None of Them

132. Similar Substance Can Have Different Reaction Rates Under.?
A. Same Conditions
B. Different Conditions
C. Various Conditions
D. None of Them

133. When The Products Are In Lower Energy State Than The Reactants, The Reaction Is.?
A. Stable
B. Exothermic
C. Endothermic
D. Ergs

134. The Rate Constants Of Chemical Reactions Are Strongly Influenced By.?
A. Catalyst
B. Temperature
C. Nature And Concentration Of Reactants
D. By All Of Them

135. In The Exothermic Reactions, The Products Are At Energy Level.?
A. Lower Than Reactant
B. Equal To Reactants
C. Higher Than Reactant
D. None of Them

136. Activation Energy Is The Energy Barrier For The Formation Of.?
A. Products
B. Activation Complex
C. Intermediates
D. A & B

137. Energy of Activation Is Usually Expressed In.?
A. Joules
B. Calories
C. Ergs
D. None of them

138. The Nature Of The Reactant Effects The.?
A. Nature Of Product
B. Activation Energy
C. Rate Of Reaction
D. Heat Of The Reaction

139. Generally Rise Of 10°C Of The Temperature Of A Reaction System, The Reaction Rate.?
A. Increases
B. Doubles
C. Subsides
D. Drops

140. Ire Respect Of The Fact That A Chemical Reaction Is Exeo Or Endo-Thermal, The Increase In Temperature, Increases The.?
A. Reaction Rate
B. Potential Energy
C. Collisions
D. Kinetic Energy

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