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Sunday 21 February 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 15

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141. Which one is a separating technique.?
A. Deliquescent
B. Solvent extraction
C. Fluorescence
D. Phosphorescence

142. Which one is used as stationary phase in paper chromatography.?
A. Piece of paper
B. Alcohol
C. Acetone
D. Water

143. The stationary phase can be.?
A. Only solid
B. Only liquid
C. A solid or liquid
D. None of above

144. The solvent is drawn up by the paper because of.?
A. The force of gravity
B. The water content of the paper
C. The capillary action
D. All of above

145. The process of removing a substance form its aqueous solution (not often) by shaker with an organic solvent is termed as.?
A. Solvent extortion
B. Crystallization
C. Sublimate in
D. Filtration

146. Which of the following is not a separation technique.?
A. Sublimation
B. Boiling
C. Filtration
D. Solvent extortion

147. Which mixture can be speared by adding water, stirring and filtering.?
A. Barium chloride and sodium chloride
B. Copper and magnesium
C. Silver chloride and sodium nitrate
D. None of above

148. Slow cooking.?
A. Bigger size crystals
B. Animal charcoal
C. Vacuum dissector
D. None of above

149. Safe and reliable method of drying.?
A. Gooch crucible
B. Using charcoal
C. Vacuum desecrator
D. None of above

150. Purple color of free iodine.?
A. Ether
B. H2o
C. Sublimation
D. None of above

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