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Monday 15 February 2016

Physics MCQs Part 14

physics mcqs with answer
131. A body falling freely under gravity travels half its path in the last one second. The total time of fall is approximately.?
A. 4.4s
B. 3.4s
C. 2.4s
C. 2.0s

132. An astronomical telescope has an objective of focal length 80 cm and gives 8 × angular magnification. The focal length of the eye piece is.?
A. 6.0 cm
B. 8.0 cm
C. 10.0 cm
D. 12.0 cm

133. The points of units angular magnification in a lens assembly are.?
A. Nodal Points
B. Principal Points
C. Focal Points
D. Contin Points

134. In He0Ne laser the most favorable ratio of Helium to Neon for satisfactory laser action is.?
A. 7:1
B. 1:4
C. 4:11
D. 1:7

135. The electric field at 20 cm from the centre of a uniformly charged dielectric sphere of radius 10 cm is E. Then at a distance 5 cm from the centre it will be.?
A. 16 E
B. 4 E
C. 2 E
D. Zero

136. Two pieces of wire of the same material have their lengths in the ratio of 1:2 and diameters in the ratio of 2:1. If they are stretched by the equal force, elongation will be int he ration of.?
A. 1:2
B. 1:8
C. 2:1
D. 8:1

137. The pressure at the bottom of a tank of liquid is not proportional to.?
A. The density of the liquid
B. The height of the liquid
C. The acceleration
D. The area of the liquid surface

138. A body in equilibrium may not have.?
A. Acceleration
B. Momentum
C. Velocity
D. Kinetic energy

139. If C is proportional to D, then.?
A. The product CD is constant
B. The ration C/D is constant
C. C is smaller than D
D. C is larger then D

140. When a body undergoes an acceleration.?
A. Its velocity increases
B. Its speed increases
C. It falls toward the earth
D. A force acts upon it

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