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Saturday 30 January 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 13

chemistry mcqs with answer
121. Water placed in closed container at constant temperature has equilibrium of the type.?
A. Chemical
B. Dynamic
C. Static
D. Physical

122. In a chemical equation, a double arrow indicates.?
A. Reversible reaction
B. Complete reaction
C. Incomplete reaction
D. Equilibrium

123. Acetylene when burnt in oxygen produces heat and.?
A. Electricity
B. Current
C. Mechanical work
D. Light

124. In the endothermic reactions, the heat is.?
A. Evolved
B. Generated
C. Absorbed
D. Released

125. Water placed in closed container at constant temperature.?
A. Evaporates
B. Condenses
C. Is at equilibrium
D. Reacts

126. The mechanical work obtained from automobile engines is due to.?
A. Combustion process
B. Oxidation process
C. Reduction process
D. Catalytic process

127. When a part of heat of reaction is used in generating electric current the device is called.?
A. Cell
B. Galvanic cell
C. Electrolytic cell
D. Dry cell

128. The branch of chemistry that deals with thermal energy changes in chemical reactions is called.?
A. Thermo
B. Dynamics
C. Thermo chemistry
D. Thermodynamics

129. The using of fuels is the basis that burning of carbon in oxygen produces.?
A. Energy
B. Light
C. Heat
D. Electricity

130. The burning of methane in oxygen is used in.?
A. Kitchens
B. Flames
C. Automobiles
D. Engines

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