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Sunday 31 January 2016

Physics MCQs Part 13

physics mcqs for all test preparation
121. An explosion blows a rocket into three parts. Two piece go off at right angles to each other, a 100 kg piece at 12 m/s and 200 kg piece at 8 m/s. Then mass of third piece which flies off at an angle of 53° is
A. 10 kg
B. 20 kg
C. 30 kg
D. 40 kg

122. A tuning fork of frequency 512 produces 6 beats in 1 second, when vibrating along with a vibrating segment of a monometer wire. The frequency of the vibration of sonometer wire is
A. 512
B. 506
C. 518
D. 506 and 518

123. A tuning fork of frequency 645 Hz, gives resonance for 0.5 m column of hydrogen gas enclosed in a pipe closed at one end. The speed of sound in hydrogen will be equal to
A. 2580 m/s
B. 322.5 m/s
C. 645 m/s
D. 1290 m/s

124. The pitch of a sound is determined by
A. Frequency
B. Speed
C. Direction
D. Number of beats

125. At the mean position of vibration, the velocity of the vibrating particle is
A. Zero
B. Infinity
C. Maximum
D. None of the above

126. A particle moving with S.H.M passes through two points A and B, with the same velocity, having occupied 2 seconds in passing from A to B; after another 2 seconds it returns to B. The period is
A. 2 seconds
B. 4 seconds
C. 5 seconds
D. 8 seconds

127. Energy is not transferred in a standing wave
A. False
B. Uncertain
C. True
D. None of these

128. Two similar open organ pipes when sounded together produce 7 beats/sec. If their lengths are in the ration of 50: 51, then the ration of their frequencies will be
A. 357:350
B. 50:51
C. 51:50
D. 1:7

129. The Laplaces's correction in the expression for the velocity of sound given by Newton is needed because sound waves
A. Are longitudinal
B. Propagate isothermally
C. Propagate adiabatically
D. Are of long wavelengths

130. What is the shape of the liquid meniscus in a capillary tube placed in a liquid that wets the surface of the tube?
A. Flat
B. Concave downwards
C. Convex up
D. None of the above is correct

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