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Friday 29 January 2016

Biology MCQs Part 13

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121. Simple sae likely structure containing acid phoshates and hydrolytic enzymes involved in the cellular digestion are called.?
A. Lysosomes
B. Ribosomes
C. Cytosomes
D. Endoplasmic Reticulum

122. The Lososomes are present in almost all.?
A. Problematic cell.
B. Bacterial cells.
C. Eucharistic cells
D. None of the above

123. Which organells are involved in the synthesis of Fats.?
A. Mitochondria
B. Golgi Bodies
C. Ribosomes
D. Endoplasmic Reticulum

124. When many ribosomes get attached to the same stretch of mRNA they form a structure called.?
A. Cytosol
B. Polysome
C. Polysome
D. Lipdis

125. Ribosomes are produced in the.?
A. Vlcuole
B. Endoplasmic Reticulum
C. Cytoplasm
D. Nucleus

126. Which are called the factory of protein synthesis.?
A. Lysosmes
B. Golgi Bodies
C. Ribosomes
D. Mitochondria

127. Which is called the factory of ribosome’s.?
A. Nucleus
B. Vacuole
C. Nucleous
D. Endoplasmic Reticulum

128. Ribosomes were first of all discovered by.?
A. Laveran
B. Grassi
C. Robert Brown
D. Palade

129. Ribosome’s consists of two subunits. The large subunit sediments at 60S while smaller subunit sediments at.?
A. 30S
B. 40S
C. 50S
D. 60S

130. Two subunits if ribosome on attachment with each other form.?
A. 60S
B. 70S
C. 80S
D. 90S

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