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Sunday 6 December 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 11

chemistry mcqs entry test
101. By a chemical reaction systems attain an energy state which is.?
A. Higher in energy
B. Lower in energy
C. Equal in energy
D. Balanced in energy

102. The internuclear distance at which the energy of the two bonded atoms is at minimum is called.?
A. Bond length
B. Equilibrium bond distance
C. Equilibrium distance
D. Bond distance

103. The potential energy of the approaching atoms increase if repulsive forces.?
A. Decrease
B. Increase
C. Remain un-changed
D. Become zero

104. If a chemical bond in not formed, the potential energy of the atoms is.?
A. Remain same
B. Decreased
C. Increased
D. Un-changend

105. When the potential energy of approaching atoms increases, repulsive forces also increase, the chemical bond is.?
A. Formed
B. Broken
C. Un-changed
D. Not formed

106. When a chemical bond is formed the energy of two atoms will be.?
A. Maximum
B. Usual
C. Minimum
D. Normal

107. The attractive force that holds atoms together in molecules is called.?
A. Bond
B. Force of attraction
C. Chemical bond
D. Electrostatic force

108. During the process of chemical bonding, atoms try to attain.?
A. Stable configuration
B. Simple configuration
C. Noble gas configuration
D. Unstable configuration

109. The process of chemical reaction is due to involvement of.?
A. Outer electrons
B. Valance electrons
C. Inner electrons
D. Deep electrons

110. When the potential energy of approaching atoms decreases, the attractive forces among atoms.?
A. Remain same
B. Decrease
C. Increase
D. Are un-changed 

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