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Sunday 6 December 2015

Physics MCQs Part 11

physics mcqs for all test preparation
101. Let a disc, a cylinder, a solid sphere, and a ring be rolled down in an inclined plane simultaneously. Which will reach first.?
A. Disc
B. Solid sphere
C. Cylinder
Dl. Ring

102. Assuming the pulley to be frictionless and mass less, the smallest coefficient of static friction is 0.33 to cause the cylinder to roll. If for the cylinder M=70kg and radius of gyration 400 mm. Then.?
A. The cylinder will move up and the mass will descend
B. The cylinder will move up and the mass will also move up
C. The cylinder will roll down the plane and mass will ascend
D. None is true

103. With the help of dimensions method it can be proved that frequency of a stretched wire.?
A. Does not depend on the mass of the wire
B. Depends on the mass of the wire
C. Depends on the displacement of the wire
D. None of these

104. When a body undergoes an acceleration.?
A. Its velocity increases
B. A force acts upon it
C. Its speed increases
D. It falls toward the earth

105. Which kind of storage device can be carried around.?
A. Hard disk
B. System cabinet
C. Hard disk derive
D. Floppy disk

106. A body is said to be perfectly elastic if.?
A. It can freely move
B. Its surface is perfectly smooth
C. It is not affected by external force
D. It recovers its original shape/size when the deforming force is removed

107. A 30 kg. Block lies on a frictionless table and is connected to a 10 kg block by a rope passing over a frictionless pulley.?
A. The acceleration of the 10 kg block is 9.8 m/s2
B. Both the blocks move with the same velocity
C. Both the blocks are accelerated by the same magnitude
D. The acceleration acting on 10 kg block is zero

108. Let us suppose that a block resting on an inclined plane just begins to slide down the plane when the angle of inclination is gradually increased to 30, the coefficient of friction will be equal to.?
A. Cos 300
B. Cot 300
C. Tan 300
D. Sin 300

109. Which of the following pairs have identical dimensions.?
A. Momentum and force
B. Pressure and surface tension
C. Work and kinetic energy
D. Momentum of force and angular mementum

110. The maximum value of static friction is called.?
A. Rolling friction
B.Normal reaction
C. Limiting friction
D. Coefficient of friction

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