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Sunday 22 November 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 9

chemistry mcqs for all test preparation
81. The attractive force that holds atoms together in molecules is called
A. Bond
B. Chemical bond
C. Force of attraction
D. Electrostatic force

82. During the process of chemical bonding, atoms try to attain
A. Noble gas configuration
B. Stable configuration
C. Simple configuration
D. Unstable configuration

83. If an opaque object is placed in their path, cathode rays
A. Are unaffected
B. Are deflected
C. Are absorbed
D. Produce sharps shadow

84. Application of external magnetic field causes the cathode rays to
A. Move in circular path
B. Reflect
C. Re-bounce
D. Bend

85. Cathode rays are also called
A. Charged particles
B. Electrons
C. Protons
D. Neutrons

86. Electron was the name given to cathode rays particles by
A. Newton
B. Bohr
C. Stoney
D. Planck

87. Cathode rays always travel in a
A.,Circular path
B. Cured path
C. Zig zag path
D. Straight path

88. Nature of cathode rays remains the same irrespective of the
A. Glass used
B. Gas used
C. Electrode used
D. Potential used

89. By reducing the pressure of the gas in a discharge tube
A. Gas glows
B. Gas ionizes
C. Gas conducts electricity
D. A discharge takes place

90. Using various gases and metals as electrode, the nature of rays produce in the discharge tube
A. Remains same
B. Becomes different
C. Does not change
D. Remain almost same

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