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Monday 23 November 2015

Physics MCQs Part 9

physics mcqs for all test preparation
81. A body at rest may have
A. Speed
B. Momentum
C. Velocity
D. Energy

82. The weight of a 10 kg block is
A. 98 N
B. 9.8 N
C. 10 N
D. 0.98 N

83. Let a disc, a cylinder, a solid sphere, and a ring be rolled down in an inclined plane simultaneously. Which will reach first?
A. Disc
B. Cylinder
C. Solid sphere
D. Ring

84. Which kind of storage device can be carried around?
A. Floppy disk
B. Hard disk
C. System cabinet
D. Hard disk derive

85. Forces of 3N, 4N and 12N act at a point in mutually perpendicular direction. The magnitude of the resultant force in newton is
A. 13
B. 11
C. 5
D. Indeterminate from the information given

86. Which of the following is not necessary for work to be done?
A. An applied force
B. A force component along the displacement
C. A displacement
D. A constant speed

87. A fixed pulley is employed to
A. Do more work with the same force but without using pulley
B. Change the direction of force
C. Same work
D. Have mechanical advantage greater than one

88. The static friction is
A. Always greater than the dynamic friction
B. Always less than the dynamic friction
C. Equal to the dynamic fiction
D. Sometimes greater and sometimes less than the dynamic friction

89. Which is the suitable method to decrease friction?
A. Polishing
B. Ball and roller bearings
C. Lubrication
D. All of the above

90. The force of friction that comes into action after the motion has started is known as
A. Dynamic friction
B. Static friction
C. Friction only
D. Limiting friction

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