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Saturday 21 November 2015

Biology MCQs Part 9

biology mcqs with answer
81. The theory which states that all animals and plants are composed of cells and cell products is known as.?
A. Cell Theory.
B. Atomic Theory.
C. Bohr's Theory.
D. None of the above.

82. Which Of the following ,which of the most fundamental generalization in biology.?
A. Micor-biology.
B. Microscope.
C. Cell theory.
D. Discovery of Cell.

83. The first phase of sexual reproduction of malarial parasite completes in the.?
A. Stomach of man.
B. Stomach of mosqutio.
C. Liver of man.
D. Liver of mosquito.

84. In the liver of malarial patient,each aprozoite divides producing a large number of new cell called.?
A. Merozoites.
B. Neurons.
C. Saprophytes.
D. all of the above.

85. The first useful microscope was invented shortly before.?
A. 1500.
B. 1600.
C. 1700.
D. 1800.

86. In 1610, who made microscope and used it to observe very small animals.?
A. Robert Hooke.
B. Galilo.
C. Aristotle.
D. Laveran.

87. Who observed nucleus in the cells of orchids under the microscope.?
A. Robert Hook.
B. A.F.A.King.
C. Galilieo.
D. Henri Dutrochet.

88. In 1831, Robert Brown discovered a title spherical body within a box like cells of living plant which he called the.?
A. Nucleus.
B. Vacuole.
C. Golgi Bodies.
D. Centrosome.

89. In the cells of liver the sprozoites multiply for about how many days to produce large number of merozoites.?
A. 6 Days.
B. 12 Days.
C. 18 Days.
D. 24 Days.

90. In which blood cells the sprozoites of saliva pass and multiply there for 12 days.?
A. RBCs.
B. WBCs.
C. Platelets.
D. None of the above.

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