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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Physics MCQs Part 6

physics solved mcqs
51. In SI system volt per meter is the unit of
A. Electric field
B. Electric field strength
C. Potential
D. Potential difference

52. In SI system, Ohm is the unit of
A. Inductance
B. Electric resistance
C. Resistivity
D. Conductance

53. The unit of energy is
A. J/s
B. Watt-day
C. Kilowatt
D. None Of theme

53. A light year is the unit of
A. Speed
B. Energy
C. Time
D. Distance

54. M.K.S. unit of pressure
A. Atmosphere
B. Dynes per
C. Meter
D. Pascal

55. Which one of the following is a scalar quantity?
A. Mass
B. Time
C. Volume
D. All the aboe

56. Which one of the following is a vector quantity?
A. Velocity
B. Acceleration
C. Force
D. All the above

57. The first law of motion supplies the definition of
A. Force
B. Velocity
C. Acceleration
D. Momentum

58. A man is at rest in the middle of and on perfectly frictionless ice. He can get himself to the shore by taking the help of Newton's
A. I law
B. II law
C. III law
D. All the above

59. The action and reaction forces referred in Newton's third law of motion
A. Must act upon the same body
B. Must act upon different bodies
C. Need not to be equal in magnitude but must have the same line of action
D. None of theme

60. A force of 100 dynes acts on a body of 5 gms for 10 secs. Find the change in momentum
A. 10 C.G.. Units
B. 100 C.G.. Units
C. 1000 C.G.. Units
D. 10000 C.G.. Units

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