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Monday 19 October 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 6

chemistry mcqs pak mcqs
51. When kinetic energy of molecules of liquid is decreased sufficiently, short range attractive forces cause
A. Solidification
B. Evaporation
C. Crystallization
D. Liquification

52. The properties of liquid that depend mainly on the number of molecules and not on their nature are
A. Comparative
B. Constitutive
C. Colligative
D. Additive

53. The properties of liquid that depend upon arrangement of atoms in the molecules are called properties
A. Comparative
B. Constitutive
C. Colligative
D. Additive

54. When due to cooling and increase in pressure on gas molecule approach each other, there occur
A. Evaporation
B. Condensation
C. Crystallization
D. Solidification

55. On coiling the intermolecular forces over come the energy of molecules
A. Potential
B. Chemical
C. Internal
D. Kinetic

56. As on condensation the empty spaces between the molecules are reduced the liquids and solid are almost
A. Compressible
B. Incompressible
C. Comparable
D. Incomparable

57. Although intermolecular forces in liquids are sufficient enough, even then molecules can have motion.
A. Vibrational
B. Ration
C. Complete
D. Translational

58. As molecules in liquid can slide part each other, they have
A. Definite shape
B. Indefinite shapes
C. Complete
D. Changing shape

59. As liquids are miscible with each other they are
A. Mixable
B. Diffuseable
C. Soluable
D. Diffuseable

60. Solids can not diffuse in each other as their molecules are
A. Light
B. Heavy
C. Bonded by strong forces
D. Bonded in lattice

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