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Thursday 22 October 2015

Pedagogy MCQs Part 5

pedagogy solved mcqs for teaching test
41. Which is “feedback” in the newspaper’s communication?
A. Articles
B. Editorials
C. Letters to the Editor
D. News

42. Which of the following steps would you consider first for an effective
A. Select the channel of communication
B. Plan the evaluation procedure
C. Specify the objectives of communication
            D. Identify various media for communication

43. Books can be powerful source of communication, provided
Ctent is abstract
A. Cntent is illustrative
B. Medium is Hindi
C. Content is presented through good print
D. None of theme

44. To make classroom teaching more effective every teacher should
discuss with colleagues
A. Analyze responses of students
B. Keep him/herself abreast of development in the area in his/her subject
C. Publish his/her writings
D. None of theme

45. Meaningful learning takes place when
A. Students are interested in the topics taught
B. Explanations are given within the reach of the students
C. The new content being taught is related to the previous knowledge of the
D. Students raise questions and get them clarified

46. A teacher is effective if he/she
A. Explains everything in the class
B. Repeats explanations for each student
C. Provides a variety of learning experiences
D. Answers all questions raised by students

47. Majority of students in a large class are found dozing. There may be something
wrong with
A. The students concerned
B. The teaching process
C. The content taught
D. The time of inst

48. Generalizability of a new teaching method can be tested through research across
A. Different teachers
B. Different subjects
C. Different levels/grades
D. All the above

49. Good teaching is best reflected by
A. Attendance of students
B. Number of distinctions
C. Meaningful questions asked by students
D. Pin-drop silence in the class

50. The main aim of classroom teaching is
A. To give information
B. To develop inquiring mind
C. To develop personality of students
D. To help students pass examinations

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