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Saturday 17 October 2015

Biology MCQs Part 6

biology mcqs with answer
51. Which one of the following is the study of fossils
A. Ecology
B. Physiology
C. Paleontology
D. Evolution

52. The study of structures of organisms, their cells and their organelles at moelcular level is known as
A. Molecular biology
B. Environmental biology
C. Microbiology
D. Cell biology
 53. Biology is the scientific study of
A. Plants
B. Animals
C. Bacteria
D. Living organisms

54. Which one of the following is not the character of living organisms
            A. They can acquire and use energy
B. They can grow in size
C. They respond to stimuli
D. They do not adopt to the environment

 55. The study of animals is known as
A. Geography
B. Topography
C. Zoology  
D. Botany

56. Biologists mainly deal with matters relating to
A. Living part of nature
B. Non living things influencing living things
C. How life works
D. All three a b and c

57. Which disease was one of man's important biological problems which ,like other diseases was associated with a large number of biological problems?
A. Cholera
B. Small pox.
C. Malaria.
D. Tetanus.

58. It is disease which used to exist in the past in most countries of old world.
A. Small pox.
B. Malaria.
C. Measals.
D. Cholera

59. Who first discovered plasmodium growing and multiplying in the blood of man ?
A. T.H .Morgan.
B. Ronald Ross.
C. A.F.A.King.
D. Grass.

60. Anatomy is the study of
A. Environmental relations
B. Heredity
C. Functions of parts of organism
D. Internal gross structure

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