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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Physics MCQs Part 4

physics mcqs for all jobs test preparation
31. One pascal in SI is equal to
A. One newton metre
B. One newton metre-1
C. One newton metre-2
D. One dyne cm2

32. One big advantage of the atomic standards of length and time is that
A. They are of human size
B. They can be measured with simple equipment
C. They are natural units
D. They can be duplicated anywhere

33. The correct unit of power is
A. Kilowatt
B. Dynes
C. Joule
D. Kilowatt-hour

34. One Fermi is equal to (in SI)
A. 10-6   farad
B. 10-6 Henry
C. 10 -12 metre
D. 10 -12 Angstrom

35. Out of the followings which is not a characteristic of the fundamental units?
A. They are well defined
B. They are easily reproductive      
C. They are not related to each other
D. They do not change with change of conditions as temperature, state of motion, pressure etc.

36. In S.I System, the correct unit of pressure is
A. Atmosphere
C. Pascal
C. Dynes per square cm
D. Mm of mercury

37. Choose the physical quantity which is not defined in terms of force per unit area
A. Pressure
B. Stress
C. Strain
D. young's modulus

38. A pressure of 106 dynes/cm2 in C.G.S. is equivalent to ... in M.K.S.
A. 105 N/m2
B. 104 N/m2
C. 106 N/m2
D. 103 N/m2

39. Given the density of wood is 0.5 gm per c.c. in the C.G.S. system of units. Its value in MKS units is given by
A. 500
B. 50
C. 0.5
D. 5,000

40. Which of the following is dimensionally correct?
A. Pressure = Energy per unit area
B. Pressure = Energy per unit volume
C. Pressure = Force per unit volume
D. Pressure = momentum per unit volume per unit time

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