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Friday 18 September 2015

Pedagogy MCQs Part 3

pedagogy mcqs for fpsc
21. Teachers should not have such expectations from their students as are beyond the Development stage of the latter. If the former do so they
A. Generate motivation among students to learn more
B. Generate inferiority
C. Generate inferiority, high levels of tension and perplexity among
D. None of these
22. A good teacher is one who
A. is highly intelligent
B. Has mastery over his teaching subject
C. Lives simple life
D. Has genuine interest in his students
23. A college teacher will really help the students when she
A. Covers the syllabus completely in the class
B. Is objective in her evaluation?
C. Encourages students to ask questions
D. Dictates notes in the class

24. Communication will be effective
A. If it is delivered in a calm situation
B. If it is delivered slowly and clearly
C. If it reaches the receiver completely
D. If it reaches the receiver as intended by the sender

25. Effective teaching is a function of
A. Perfect classroom discipline
B. Students self-learning
C. Clear and precise communication
D. Regular teaching

26. Why will you ask questions from students during the course of a lecture?
A. To learn which one of the students is the brightest one
B. Are the students carefully listening to your lecture?
C. To learn whether students are understanding (the lecture) or not
D. To assists the students

27. One will have more chances of being successful as a teacher, if
A. He has ethical values and a good character
B. He belongs to the family of teachers
B. He is trained in teaching
C. He can organize his teaching material systematically and conveys the same effectively.

28. The objective of education is to implement all the abilities o1children to the
Maximum possible extent. This indicates that
A. they should be given good opportunities and a conducive environment, which are helpful in their development to the maximum extent.
B. it is important that their character is helpful, persuasive and sympathetic
C. the teacher and parents should know how able the children are, or how much capable they are
D. All of these

29. Which is the most sensible idea about teaching and research?
A. They cannot go together
B. They are two sides of the same coin
C. They interfere with each other
D. They are two entirely different kinds of activities

30. Teaching will be effective if the teacher
A. Starts from what students know already
B. Is a master of the subject?
C. Uses many instructional aids
D. Has much experience in teaching the subject
In a lecture a teacher should present the students with examples of
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