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Wednesday 10 July 2024

Everyday Science MCQs | NTS Everyday Science MCQs | Part 16

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 NTS Everyday Science MCQs: 

Everyday Science MCQs For Preparation specially for NTS, ECAT MCAT, CSS, PPSC, ETEA ,KPSC, EPPSC, PPSC, , and other test. here you will find Everyday Science  mcqs.

Everyday Science MCQs cover a wide range of topics and are essential for NTS tests. This keyword indicates that users are actively seeking these types of questions.Everyday Science for  

These MCQs for All Exams and jobs employment test and specially for MCAT, ECAT and Entry Test and For All Test Preparation(NTS, CSS, PPSC, ETC..). If you are looking Everyday Science  MCQs with answer so you are in right place. We have thousands of General Knowledge MCQs Advance and Basic Level MCQs. It is for intermediate and graduate level bio multiple choice question. These of all multiple choice question are helpful in every test preparation. All intermediate and graduate exams MCQs. A great opportunity to improve your skills and perform batter in study. This mcqs will help in you in every science test.  The following all mcqs we have get from reliable source.

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151)      What is the average adult pulse rate?

           (a) 150 BPM

           (b) 115 - 125 BPM

           (c) 72 - 80 BPM

           (d) 60 - 100 BPM

152)      The beautiful color pattern exhibited by a peacock in its tail feathers are due to ______.

           (a) Selective absorption of light

           (b) Selective reflection of light

           (c) Interference of light

           (d) Natural colour pattern of feathers

153)      A lake starts freezing because of the cold atmosphere. It will first freeze ______.

           (a) At the bottom

           (b) In the middle part

           (c) At the top surface

           (d) Uniformly throughout the water body

154)      The sun appears red at sunrise and sunset while it appears white at noon, because ______.

           (a) Of refraction

           (b) Its colour at sunrise and sunset

           (c) Of diffraction leading to the red end of the spectrum reaching the earth

           (d) Of scattering of light due to dust particles and air molecules

155)      When a person enters a dark room from bright light he is not able to see clearly for a little while because the ______.

           (a) Eye is unable to adjust itself immediately

           (b) Retina becomes insensitive momentarily

           (c) Iris is unable to dilate the pupil immediately

           (d) Distance between the lens and retina take time to adjust

156)      Haemoglobin in the blood is a complex protein rich in ______.

           (a) Copper

           (b) Iron

           (c) Silver

           (d) Zinc

157)      An astronaut inside a spacecraft is in a state of weightlessness. This implies that ______.

           (a) The mass of the astronaut is reduced to zero

           (b) Gravity inside the spacecraft ceases to act

           (c) The astronaut is outside the influence of the earth’s gravitational force

           (d) The astronaut and the spacecraft are both in a free-falling state

158)      An iceberg is floating in the sea. How much of its mass will remain above the surface of water?

           (a) One tenth

           (b) One fifth

           (c) One fourth

           (d) One third

159)      Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is concentrated in the ______.

           (a) Mesosphere

           (b) Troposphere

           (c) Stratosphere

           (d) Ionosphere

160)      The cow's milk contains how much amount of water in terms of percentage?

           (a) 60%

           (b) 65%

           (c) 72%

           (d) 87%

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