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Tuesday 18 June 2024

Islamiat MCQs | NTS Islamiat MCQs With Answer | Part 28

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271)      The first "Wahi" was revealed upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad in:

             (A) 570 AD

             (B) 610 AD

             (C) 630 AD

             (D) 590 AD

 The third battle fought between Muslims of Medina and Quraish of Makkah was:

             (A) Badr

             (B) Uhud

             (C) Khandak

             (D) Khyber

Who led Muslim forces during the "Crusades"?

             (A) Harun-ur-Rashid

             (B) Salah-ud-Din Ayubi

             (C) Walid-bin-Abdul Malik

             (D) Ahmad Shah Qachar

In which year Zakat was made obligatory?

             (A) 1 A.H.

             (B) 2 A.H.

             (C) 3 A.H.

             (D) 4 A.H.

What is the nisab of Zakat for Gold?

             (A) 5% Tola

             (B) 6% Tola

             (C) 7% Tola

             (D) 8% Tola

For how many times, the word 'Zakat' has been mentioned in the Holy Quran?

             (A) 22

             (B) 12 times

             (C) 32 times

             (D) 42 times

What was the Kuniyyat of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)?

             (A) Abu Sulaiman

             (B) Abu Jaffer

             (C) Abu Abdullah

             (D) Abu Hamza

For how many years, the caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) lasted?

             (A) Three years

             (B) Four years

              (C) Two years

               (D) Five years

For how long, the caliphate of Hazrat Usman (RA) lasted?

             (A) 6 years

             (B) 8 years

             (C) 10 years

             (D) 12 years

Which Swabs of Holy Quran throws light on the Islamic laws regarding marriage and divorce?

             (A) Al Nisa

              (B) Al Baqrah

             (C) Al Furqan

             (D) Al Ankabut

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