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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Islamiat MCQs Part 27

islamiat mcqs
261. Which Prophet of Allah was eaten by Shark fish?
A. Prophet Yunus AS
B. Prophet Muhammad SAW
C. Prophet Isa (AS )
D. Prophet Moosa AS

262. Who is the seal of all Prophets?
A. Prophet Yaqub AS
B. Prophet Harun AS
C. Prophet Muhammad SAW
D. Prophet Yunus AS

263. Which Prophet heard the Conversations of Ants?
A. Prophet Muhammad SAW
B. Prophet Sulaiman AS
C. Prophet Adam AS
D. Prophet Moosa AS

264. Which Prophet remained in jail for 10 years?
A. Prophet Ayub AS
B. Prophet Shuaib AS
C. Prophet Yusuf AS
D. Prophet Ibrahim AS

265. How Many Prophets are Mentioned in Quran?
A. 23
B. 24
C. 25
D. 1 lac 24 thousand

266. The miracle of Dromedary (camel) is concerned with which Prophet?
A. Lut As
B. Idris As
C. Yaqub AS
D. Saleh AS

267. Which Prophet had impediment in his tongue (trouble speaking)?
A. Haroon AS
B. Eesa AS
C. Zachhariya AS
D. Moosa AS

268. Which Prophet Suffered from Skin Diseas?
A. Prophet Harun AS
B. Prophet Saleh AS
C. Prophet Yaqub AS
D. Prophet Ayub AS

269. Which Prophet is mentioned for the most time in Quran?
A. Prophet Isa AS
B. Prophet Musa AS
C. Prophet Ayub AS
D. Prophet Adam AS

270. Which Prophet became alive after remaining dead for one hundred years?
A. Prophet Isa AS
B. Prophet Ezra AS
C. Prophet Adam As
D. Prophet Muhammad SAW

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