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Thursday 16 May 2024

Social Study MCQs Part 1 2024

 1)   The First Fundamental Right of Every Human is ....

      (A) Equality

      (B) Freedom

      (C) Life

      (D Education

 2)   The Other Name For Digital Citizen Is ........

      (A) Public Citizen

      (B) Useful Citizen

      (C) Political Citizen

      (D) Cyber Citizen

 3)  The Study Of Right And Duties Of A Citizen Are Called.......

      (A) Geography

      (B) History

      (C) Civics

      (D) Psychology

 4)  Speaking Gently Is Included in ........

      (A) Right

      (B) Responsibility

      (C) Diversity

      (D) Etiquettes

 5)  An individual Who resides In A country ,Where Generally He Gets All his Social, Economic,Political And Other Right And He Is Bond To Perform All His Responsibility And The Protection Of His Right Is Called Its...... 

      (A) Ownership

      (B) Duties

      (C) Citizen

      (D) Country

 6)  The Concept Of Citizenship Was First Introduced By The  Ancient......

      (A) British

      (B) Greeks

      (C) Latin

      (D) Non of these

 7)  A Person Who Has The Knowledge About The Matters Of Word Is A

      (A) Digital People

      (B) Digital Citizen

      (C) Modern Citizen

      (D) Global Citizen

 8)  Dr Ruth Pfau Of Pakistan Campaigned Against Which Disease?

      (A) Cholera

      (B) Tuberculosis

      (C) Leprosy

      (D) Diarrhea

 9)  Dr Ruth Pfau Came To Pakistan From?

      (A) Germany

      (B) Albania

      (C) Lebanon

      (D) China

 10) The Late Dr Ruth Pfau Was Granted Pakistan Citizenship In?

      (A) 1986

      (B) 1988

      (C) 1992

      (D) 1996

Social Study MCQs Part 1 2024 

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