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Wednesday 15 May 2024

General Science MCQs Part 1 2024

General Science MCQs Part 1 2024

1)     What Is Common Among Butterfly ,Birds And Bat?

        (A)   Teeth

        (B)   Hair

        (C)   Bones

        (D)   Wings

2)    Many Plants Produce Fruits.

       (A)   To Protect Seed

       (B)   To Produce Food For The Seeds

       (C)   To Store Water For The Seed Germination

       (D)   To Store Seed From Dispersal

3)     Fish Are Vertebrate And Swim In Water. Which One Of The Following Is True?

        (A)   Have Fur On The Body

        (B)   Have Feather And Tail

        (C)   Have Four Legs

        (D)   Have Fins And Tail

4)     Which Part Of  A Plant Is Absent In Non-Following Plants?

        (A)   Root

        (B)   Shoot

        (C)   Leaf

        (D)   Flower

5)     Which One Of The Following is A Non-Flowering Plant?

        (A)   Apple

        (B)   Rose

        (C)   Mango

        (D)   Pine

6)     Which Statement Is Correct For All The Vertebrates/

        (A)   Have For

        (B)   Have More Than Four Legs

        (C)   Have Backbone

        (D)   Can Fly In Air

7)     Which Of The Following Is A Characteristic Of Living Things?

        (A)   All Leaving Things Breathe

        (B)   All Living Things Move

        (C)   All Living Things Grow

        (D)   All living Things Need Oxygen

8)      Which Of the Following Is/Are The Group of Living Things/

        (A)   Plants

        (B)   Animal

        (C)   Both And b

        (D)   Non of These

9)     Which Of the Following Is/Are The Characteristic Of Animals And Plants?

        (A)   Grow

        (B)   Respire

        (C)   Reproduce

        (D)   All Of These

10)     Both Animals And Plants Need?

        (A)   Food

        (B)   Sunlight

        (C)   Water

        (D)   All Of These

General Science MCQs Part 1 2024 

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