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Wednesday 3 August 2016

The National Symbols of Pakistan MCQs

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Hi, to you are going to get information about the National Symbols of Pakistan. It's very important information for every Pakistani. A National Symbol of any country is designed to be inclusive and representative of all the people. And these symbols represent to any country. Every country has own national symbols. But you will find here the National Symbols of Pakistan. It's good for General Knowledge and it's help you in every exam and jobs employment test. I also publish the List of National Symbols of Pakistan. Now i create question which are given in test many time. I hope you get knowledge from these symbols. Read and share with other's to help in Test Preparation

The Flag Of Pakistan?
National Flag

The National Poet Of Pakistan?
Allama Muhammad Iqbal

The National Tower Of Pakistan?

Who Is The Father Of Nation?
Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah

Who Is The Mother Of Nation?
Fatima Jinnah

What Is The Emblem/Logo Of Pakistan?
National Emblem Of Pakistan?

What Is The National Bird Of Pakistan?

The National Of Animal Of Pakitan?

What Is The State Bird Of Pakistan?
Peregrine Falcon

What Is The Predator Of Pakistan?
Snow Leopard

What Is The Reptile Of Pakistan?
Indus Crocodile

What Is The Mammal Of Pakistan?
Indus River Dophin

The National Tree Of Pakistan Is?

What Is The National Flower Of Pakistan?

The National Fruit Of Pakistan?

The National Mountain Of Pakistan?

The National Meusoleum Of Pakistan?

The National Sports Of Pakistan Is?
Field Hockey

The National Masjid Of Pakistan?
Faisal Masjid

The Religion Of Pakistan?

Insignia Of Pakistan Is?
Crescent & Star

The National River Of Pakistan Is?
Indus River

The National Dress Of Paksitan Is?
Shalwar Qameez

The National Monumen?
Islamabad Monument National

The National Juice Of Pakistan?
Sugarcane Juice

The National Langue Of Pakistan Is?

The Natinal Vegetable Of Pakistan?
Lady Finger

The National Library Of Pakistan?
National Library Of Pakistan

The National Document?
Lhaore Resolution

The National Motto Of Pakistan?
Faith, Unity, Discipline

The National Currency Of Pakistan?
Pakistan Rupee

The National Day Of Pakistan?
23rd March

The National Archives Of Pakistan?
National Archives Of Pakistan

The National Airline Of Pakistan?
Pakistan International Airelines

The Coat Of Arms Of Pakistan?
Coat Of Arms Of Pakistan

The National Colors Of Pakistan?
White And Green

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