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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Provinces of Pakistan MCQs

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Welcome to our new post in this post you are going to get information and multiple choice question about  Provinces of Pakistan. In this post we will discuss the most important mcqs related to this topic. I have found some important question. Which are given in test many times. And also it’s good information for General Knowledge and Pak Study. If you have any question in your mind so share with us. I will update this question which are related to this topic. Our topic is the Province of Pakistan. You will find the basic information about Province of Pakistan. You know at the time Pakistan has four provinces and the largest province of Pakistan by area is Baluchistan. And by population the Punjab is largest. Day by day I update this page read and share with other’s to help in Test Preparation.

1. The largest province of Pakistan by area?
A. Baluchistan
C. Punjab
D. Sindh

2. The largest province of Pakistan by population?
B. Punjab
C. Sindh
C. Baluchistan

3. The capital of Punjab province?
A. Multan
B. Sialkot
C. Lahore
D. None of above

4. The capital of KPK province?
A. AbbotAbad
C. Karak
D. Peshawar

5. The Capital of Sindh province?
A. Hyderabad
B. Karachi
C. Sakhar
D. None of above

6. The Capital of Baluchistan province?
A. Quetta
B. Zob
C. Gawadar
D. None Of Above

7. The total area of Punjab province?
A. 205,344 Sq Km
B. 105,344 Sq Km
C. 300,000 Sq Km
D. None Of Above

8. The total area of Sindh province?
A. 100,000 Sq Km
B. 140,914 Sq Km
C. 240, 914 Sq Km
D. None Of Above

9. The total area of KPK province?
A. 52, 432 Sq Km
B. 72, 421 Sq Km
C. 73, 515 Sq Km
C. 74,521 Sq Km

10. The total area of Baluchistan province?
A. 147, 190 Sq Km
B. 247, 190 Sq Km
C. 347,190 Sq/Km
D. None Of Above

11. The total area of Azad Kashmir?
A. 10,923 Sq Km
B. 12,356 Sq Km
C. 13,297 Sq Km
D. None Of Above

12. The Total area of Gilgit Baldistan?
A. 72,971 Sq Km
B. 73,914 Sq Km
C. 74,123 Sq Km
D. None Of Above

13. The Total area of Islamabad?
A. 806 Sq Km
B. 906 Sq Km
C. 1006 Sq Km
D. None Of Above

14. How many agencies in fata?
A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven

15. What is the total area of FATA?
A. 20,220 Sq Km
B. 24, 220 Sq Km
C. 25,220 Sq Km
D. 27,220 Sq Km

16. ICT stands for?
A. Islamabad Capital Total
B. Islamabad City Tribes
C. Islamabad Capital Territory
D. Islamabad City Territory

17. NWFP is the old name of which province?
A. Punjab
C. Sindh
D. Gilgit Baldistan

18. Who is the current chief minister of KPK?
A. Ali Ameen Khan Gandapur
B. Shoukat Yousafzai
C. Parveez Khatak
D. Asad Qaiser

19. Who is the current chief minister of Sindh?
A. Quim Ali Shah
B. Murad Ali Shah
C. Israt ul Ibad
D. None of above

20. Who is the current chief minister of Baluchistan?
A. Abdul Malik Baloch
B. Nawab Aslam Reisani
C. Sannullah Zehri
D. None of above

21. Who is the current chief minister of Punjab?
A. Chudary Sarver
B. Shebaz Shareef
C. Rana Sannullah
D. Rana Mashood

22. Who is the current chief minister of Gigit Baldistan?
A. Syed Mehdi Shah
B. Hafiz Hafeez Urehman
C. Wasim Khakrani
d. None of above

23. The current governor of KPK?
A. Iqbal zafar jhagra
B. Mehtab Abbasi
C. Syed Masood Kosar
D. None of above

24. The current Governor of Punjab?
A. Chudary Muhammad Sarvar
B. Rana Mashood
C. Malik Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana
D. None of above

25. The current Governor of Sindh?
A. Waseem Khan
B. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan
C. Qauim Ali Shah
D. None of above

26. The current Governor of Baluchistan?
A. Mehmood Khan Acahakzai
B. Abdul Malik Baloch
C. Muhammad Khan Acahakzai
D. None of above

27. The current governor of Gilgit Baldistan?
A. Mir Ghazanfar Ali khan
B. Peer Karam Ali Shah
C. Dr. Shama Khalid
D. None of above

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