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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Islamiat MCQs Part 24

islamiat mcqs with answer
The page where are you going to get islamiat MCQs. Here we are sharing the informative mcqs the History of Islam, Quraan, Propher PBUH, Sahaba Karam. These are all the important mcqs for every test preparation. the islamiat is compulsory in every test. You can get 10-20 Marks easily in test to prepare Islamiat MCQs. below is mention Ten MCQs You can read previous question in our database hundred's MCQs of Islamiat. These Multiple choice questions will help Student's to boost their Knowledge in Islamic History. A great way to boost your Islam History knowledge.

231. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) did belong which branch of Quraish Tribe?
A. Bani Tamim
B. Bani Hashim
C. Bnau Asad
D. Bani Zuhraf

232. Syria was conquered in 633 A.D, What was the year of Hijrah?
A. 12 Hijrah
B. 13 Hijrah
C. 14 Hijrah
D. 15 Hijrah

233. What does mean by Kahf?
A. Ant
B. Bat
C. Lizard
D. Cave

234. Which false prophet was called the liar' by the holy prophet?
A. Musailmah
B. Sajjah
C. Anwad Ansi
D. None of Them

235. Name the first female false prophetess?
A. Hinza
B. Hiba
C. Sajjah
D. None of them

236. The meaning of Inaam is the?
A. The Mountain
B. The Cattle
C. The Cow
D. The Cave

237. What was the name of Hazrat Umer R.A sister who had embraced Islam along with her husband?
A. Fatimah
B. Ateeqa
C. Kulsoom
D. Salma

238. How many years did Haroon-ur-Rasheed reign?
A. 20 Years
B. 21 Years
C. 22 Years
D. 23 Years

239. Who did secularize education and separated it from politics?
A. Ameen
B. Mamoon
C. Hadi
D. Haroon

240. In the reign of Mamoon a Muslim scientist invented telescope name him?
A. Abdul Hussain
B. Abul Hasan
C. Abdullah
D. None of them

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  1. it has been a very helpful sharing MCQs relating different subjects..thank you for providing such environment for grabbing knowledge..

  2. Amazing br0 other part Add this Site

    1. In-Sha-Allah Soon I Will Add More Parts of All Subjects MCQs Just Remember Me In Your Prayers!


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