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Thursday 21 July 2016

General Knowledge MCQs Part 24

general knowledge mcqs questions pdf
To day i am here to upload new latest and fresh General Knowledge MCQs. We have complete Twenty Three Sets of GK MCQs. You can read all previous sets of MCQs. This MCQs from all General Knowledge Quiz. you will find here all basic and advanced level General Knowledge Questions. this mcqs from all world countries, sports, politics, current issues, you can download this mcqs. our aim to provide high quality Multiple Choice Question to student. A great chance student to boost their GK Knowledge. That will help you any quiz competition and exams and Test Preparation. Read all questions and share with others for any help just Contact Us Or comment below!

231. Which country claims the place with the highest annual average temperature ( 34.4 C / 93.9 F )?
A. Libya
B. Ethiopia
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Sudan

232. What was the world’s second largest urban area in 1975, following tokay?
A. Sao Paulo
B. Mexico city
C. New York
D. Shanghai

233. New Zealand government granted unqualified right of vote to women in?
A. 1813
B. 1893
C. 1902
D. 1950

234. Which country leads the world in silver production?
A. Peru
B. Canada
C. United states
D. Mexico

235. Which country leads the world petroleum production?
A. United states
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Iran
D. Kuwait

236. Which country leads the world in platinum production?
A. Russia
B. China
C. Australia
D. South Africa

237. Which is the world’s leading copper producing country ?
A. United states
B. Chile
C. Australia
D. Peru

238. Which country leads the world in Rice exports?
A. Vietnam
B. China
C. United states
D. Thailand

239. World’s highest waterfall “Angel” is in?
A. Zimbabwe
B. Canada
C. Venezuela
D. Norway

240. Which is the largest salt water lake of the world?
A. Caspian sea
B. Red sea
C. Baltic sea
D. None of Above

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