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Friday 15 July 2016

Computer MCQs Part 22

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In this post you will find the MCQs about Components of Computer and Computer Software and Languages, this is a advanced level MCQs which will help you test in preparation. This MCQs specially for computer operator & junior clerk post. some time he given in Junior Auditor and Senior Auditor. That will help you for every exam. this Computer MCQs i got from BCs book. This is high level Computer MCQs. the importance of computer in education very high. You know this time Use of Computer in Education much more. for more Computer Science MCQs go to our computer Main Page and read all MCQs. Also read Operating Systems MCQs

211. A small, silicon object which contains microscopic circuitry is termed as?
A. Processor
B. Microchip
C. Transistor
D. Clipboard

212. What is cache memory?
A. Faster than the main memory
B. Smaller than the main memory
C. Slower than the main memory
D. Both a and b

213. The pictorial representation of the procedure proposed to solve a problem by a program.?
A. Interpreter
B. Binary coded
C. Decimal interchange
D. Flow Chare

214. What is called a hardware item that can be attached to a computer to increase its functionality, such as a printer or monitor.?
A. Additional devices
B. Accessory
C. Peripheral
D. Devices

215. Name the term which is used for the connection on an IBM PC or compatible computer usually named LPT1, where is plugged in a c able for a parallel printer.?
A. Common port
B. Com port
C. Serial port
D. Parallel port

216. A program, document, utility that isn’t hardware on a computer is termed as.?
A. Software
B. Data
C. Extension
D. File

217. Which is the biggest company of computer software in the world?
A. Google
B. Yahoo
C. Microsoft
D. Oracle

218. Do you know about ALGOL, BASIC, COBAL, 4GL, 3GL, Java, PASCAL, C, C and VB?
A. Computer companies
B. Computer websites
C. Computer language
D. None of above

219. ROM is the acronym for?
A. Read only memory
B. Read over memory
C. Read of memory
D. None of above

220. RAM is the acronym for?
A. Read after memory
B. Random access memory
C. Read all memory
D. None of above

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