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Friday 1 April 2016

Computer MCQs Part 21

computer mcqs with answer solved computer mcqs
201. PowerPoint is an example of?
A. Word processing
B. Database Management Software
C. Spreadsheet software
D. Presentations graphics software

202. Spreadsheet includes a ________ which is a sequence of keystrokes and instructions that are recorded and saved
A. Micro
B. Macro
C. Key
D. None of above

203. Which performs maintenance type task usually related to computer, its device or its program?
A. Utility program
B. Communication software
C. Application software
D. None of above

204. Software enables professional designer to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics and brilliant colors?
A. Paint
B. World processing
C. Spreadsheet
D. Desktop Publishing

205. Which utility program is used to make a duplicate copy of selected files/folders?
A. Disk Defragmenter
B. Copy
C. Backup
D. File compression

206. Which utility programs is used for file compression?
A. WinZIp
C. Backup
D. Both A &  B

207. Which utility program is used to detect and to remove the physical as well as logical problems on the disk?
A. Disk Scanner
B. Disk Defragmenter
C. Diagnostic Utility Program
D. Anti Virus

208. Which one is the main part of Operating System?
A. File System
B. Kernel
C. Drivers
D. Utility programs

209. Which one is considered as the main system software?
A. Operating system
B. Utility programs
C. Language Translator
D. World Processing Software

210. Which one is the process the starts operating system when a user turns on the system?
A. Booting
B. Running
C. Starting
D. None of these

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