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Monday 27 June 2016

Presidents Of Pakistan MCQs

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The Multiple Choice Question On President of Pakistan In this page you will find all about mcqs of President of Pakistan. That will help you in every exams and job employment test. You can read List of President of Pakistan. This for specially Presidents of Pakistan below is 14 MCQs. Which I found from history of Pakistan politics. In this page you know about who was the first President of Pakistan, who was the first caretaker president of Pakistan and the longest Tenure as the President of Pakistan. My previous post about Prime Minister of Pakistan MCQs. My aim to provide informative information. Which help student to boost their knowledge.

1. Who appoints the Chief Justice of Pakistan?
A. Prime Minister
B. President
C. Speaker Of National Assembly
D. Chairman Senate

2. The longest tenure as the President of Pakistan is?
A. Ghulab Ishaq Khan
B. Asif Ali Zardari
C. Ayub Khan
D. None Of Above
(Muhammad Ayub Khan took office as president of Pakistan for 11 years )

3. Who was the first president of Pakistan?
A. Ghulam Ishaq Khan
B. Ayub Khan
C. Khawaja Nazim Udin
D. Major Gen- (R) Skindar Mirza

4. The second longest tenure as the president of Pakistan was?
A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto
B. Gen Zia Ul Haq
C. Ghulam Ishaq Khan
D. Parveez Musharaf
( Gen. Zia Ul Haq Took office as a president of Pakistan for 10 years)

5. Who was the first caretaker president of Pakistan?
A. Malik Meraj Khalid
B. Muhammad Mian Somro
C. Liaquat Ali Khan
D. Waseeem Sajid

6. The firs president for how many period?
A. Two Years
B. Four Years
C. Fiver Years
D. Ten Years

7. According of constitution of Pakistan, who is the head of the state?
A. Prime Minister
B. Both
C. President
D. None Of These

8. According to constitution, president is entitled to hold his office for?
A. Six Years
B. Three Years
C. Four Years
D. Five Years

9. Who was the last caretaker president of Pakistan?
A. Muhammad Mian Somro
B. Malik Meraj Khan
C. Waseed Sajad
D. Ch. Shujahat Hussain

10. President shall be a Muslim and not less than?
A. 45 Years Of Age
B. 55 Years Of Age
C. 40 Years Of Age
D. 30 Years Of Age

11. Who has powers to appoint the heads of Army, Naval and Air Staffs?
A. Prime Minister
B. Chief Justice
C. President
D. None Of These

12. Prime Minister is liable to furnish his/her resign to?
A. Speaker Of National Assembly
B. Chief Justice Of Pakistan
C. Chairman Senate
D. President

13. On May 29, 1988, President Zia dissolved the National Assembly under article?
A. 58 2(A)
B. 58 2(B)
C. 58 2(C)
D. 58 2(D)

14. Governor of province is appointed by?
A. Prime Minister
B. Chief Justice
C. President
D. None Of These

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