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Tuesday 28 June 2016

List Of Governor General of Pakistan

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I am going to share with you another nice informative information. In this post I will share with the the the complete list of Pakistan governor generals. The first governor general of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Known as a father of nation. And he appointed by the king George  IV. He took the office on 15 august 1947 in the office till 11 September, 1948. Liaquat Ali Khan was given the portfolio of the first Prime Minister of Pakistan when Quaid -e- Azam became the Governor General. The member of the Cabinet were selected and their portfolios were allocated by Quaid e Azam on the basis of merit. The Cabinet was broadly representative of the Provinces and also of refugees and minorities. After him khawaja nazimuddin. The second governor general of Pakistan. & governor general ghulam Muhammad dissolved assembly in 24 October 1956. The Last governor general was major general Sikandar Mirza. He took office from 6 October, 1955 to 23 march, 1956.
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Mohammad Ali Jinnah
August 15, 1947 To September 11, 1948

Khwaja Nazimuddin
September 14, 1948 To October 17, 1951

Ghulam Muhammad
October 17, 1951 To October 6, 1955 

Major General Iskander Mirza
October 6, 1955 To March 23, 1956

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