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Thursday 23 June 2016

Current Affairs MCQs Part 24

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Current Affairs MCQs current issues, geography, atmosphere, science & literatures, international organization and events the following latest and fresh current affairs mcqs, hare you will find current affairs quiz. current affairs questions. That will help in every test preparation. And you download current affairs mcqs with answer pdf. Day by day we are adding new question so visit daily our site to boost your knowledge. Current affairs mcqs pdf book will be available soon on our site.

231. ATM is an Abbrevatiion of?
A. Automated Teller Machin
B. Autmatic Tell machine
C. Automobile tax machine
D. None of above

232. Name The Country Through Which Equator Passes?
A. Indonesia
B. China
C. Malta
D. Pakistan

233. Martin Cooper Is Known For His Invention Of?
A. Dingtal Cammera
B. Solar Energy
C. Mobile Phone
D. None Of Above

234. Plants Exhale _________ At Night?
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. None Of Above

235. Which of the following is the parliament of Japan?
A. Flkerting
B. Sturting
C. Knesset
D. Diet

236. Hamas was founded by?
A. Yasir Arafat
B. Sheikh Ahmad Yashi
C. Khalid Mashall
D. Ismail HGanyah

237. Davis Cup is associated with which of the following games/sports?
A. Cricket
B. Volleyball
C. Badmintion
D. Tennis

238. The famous book “The origin of Species” is writer by?
A. Tennyson
B. Charles Dwain
C. Karl Marx
D. Virgil

239. Which one of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?
A. Jupiter
B. Saturn
C. Venus
D. Uranus

240. Which Is The Largest Planet?
A. Jupiter
B. Earth
C. Jupiter
D. Mars

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