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Sunday 19 June 2016

Accounting MCQs Part 9

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The Accounting MCQs for junior and senior auditor this is a most important auditing mcqs for all test preparation. in this page you read the basic of accounting. we are focusing to share basic and advance level auditing mcqs with you. below is Accounting Quiz hare you read question with answer. this is a latest MCQs of Auditing and they will help you in Senior Auditor and Junior Auditor Job Test. This mcqs for all exams and job employment test. in this you will find Accounting mcqs with answer. this mcqs i got from accounting notes. the mcqs of accounting will help in auditing test. read and share with other's.

81.  The primary measure of the effectiveness of a manager is?
A. The results obtained
B. The number of employees supervised
C. The total size of the organization
D. How busy the person is

82. A study to Mintzberg characterized the manager's job as?
A. Ordered
B. Routine
C. Structured
D. Verbal

83. In comparison to top level managers, a first -line supervisor will spend more time in?
A. Policy making
B. Public relations
C. Long range planning
D. Direction of subordinates

84. Administrative Management means?
A. Coordinating and communicating in the organization with the responsibility for overall operations of the enterprise
B. A body which is concerned in setting various rules to run a business concern
C. Coordinating the activities of sales and making people
D. None of these.

85. The difference between administration and management is that?
A. Management is largely determinative while administration is essentially executive
B. Management is performed at higher level of management while administration is performed at lower levels
C. Administration is largely while management is essentially executive
D. None of these

86. The founder of scientific management movement was?
A. F.W.Taylor
B. Elton Mayo
C. Henri Fayol
D. M.P.Follett

87. Paternalism refer to?
A. The hiring of many father -son teams of employees
B. A very autocratic ,directive leadership pattern
C. The governing of a people in a fatherly manner
D. The handicraft method of production

88. Taylor's pig iron experiment were cost-effective.For example?
A. Schmidt produced ten times as much for a 100% incentive
B. Schmidt produced the same amount for a 10% incentive
C. Schmidt produced four times as much for a 60% incentive
D. Schmidt produced four times as much for no additional pay.

89.  Management is defined as?
A. Getting things done so that demand is fulfilled
B. To work for others
C. Getting things done through other people
D. To know what actually has been produced and which should have been

90. Management is?
A. An art
B. A science
C. Both an art and a science
D. Neither an art nor a science

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