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Monday 14 March 2016

Biology MCQs Part 18

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171. The science of growing terrestrial plants in an aerated solution is?
A. Hydrodynamics
B. Hydroponics
C. Hydro Topics
D. None of above

172. Of the following ,which of the most fundamental generalization in biology?
A. Cell theory
B. Micor-biology
C. Discovery of Cell
D. Microscope

173. An educated guess is called?
A. Accumulated Data
B. Observation
C. Hypothesis
D. Inference

174. Dolly, the sheep was a highly successful cone from a somatic cell, reported back in.?
A. 1992
B. 1993
C. 1996
D. 1997

175. Crop rotation helps in?
A. growth of pathogens
B. Soil infertility
C. Slowing of crops growth
D. Eradiation of disease

176. Advantage of hydroponic farming is?
A. Spreads weeds and soil disease problem
B. Crops are inhiited to grow in arid parts of the world
C. Area required for cultivation is reduced
D. None of above

177. The entire surface region of earht inhabited by living things is called?
A. Cat sphere
B. Ecosphere
C. Biosphere
D. None of above

178. Chloroplast is?
A. Cell
B. Molecule
C. Organelle
D. Atom

179. "Plasmodium" in the human blood comes from?
A. Saliva of mosquito
B. Urine of Mosquito
C. Tears of Mosquito
D. Blood of Mosquite

 180. The theory which states that all animals and plants are composed of cells and cell products is known as.?
A. Cell Theory
B. Atomic Theory
C. Bohr's Theory
D. None of the above

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