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Thursday 3 March 2016

Computer MCQs Part 18 | Operating Systems

computer mcqs with answer
171. Which one is used for switching between running programs.?
A. Desktop
B. Task bar
C. Start menu
D. None of above

172. Which one does not exist on task bar.?
A. Desktop
B. Quick Launch
C. Start button
D. Notification

173. Which one can be used to see computers connected to a network.?
A. My computer
B. Control Panel
C. My Document
D. My Network Places

174. Which option of start menu can be used to see recently opened documents.?
A. Programs
B. Settings
C. My Recent Documents
D. Search

175. Which one is not the option for Shut Down dialog box of Windows Xp.?
A. Turn Off
B. Log Off
C. Restart
D. Stand by

176. A Shortcut on desktop can be created for.?
A. Application program
B. Document
C. Folder or Drive
D. All of these

 177. Which of the following is the entering point in Windows.?
A. My computer
B. Desktop
C. My document
D. Windows Explorer

178. When a document is sent to printer for printing the printer icon appears in.?
A. System Tray
B. Notification Area
C. Start Menu
D. Both A & B

179. System time is displayed on.?
A. System Tray
B. Application Tray
C. Clock Tray
D. Desktop Tray

180. Which shortcut key is used for switching between opened application programs.?
A. Ctrl + Tab
B. Alt + Tab
C. Shift  + Tab
D. Ctrl + Alt

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