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Thursday 11 February 2016

General Knowledge MCQs 16

general knowledge mcqs for jobs test preparaiton
151. Which is the smallest Muslim state area wise.?
A. Maldives
B. Turkey
C. Indonesia
D. Iraq

152. Which is the biggest restaurant chain.?
A. Turkish grill
B. Richet Burgers
D. McDonalds

153. Which is the longest day of the year.?
A. 21 April
B. 21 June
C. 21 May
D. 21 December

154. Which is the most common element in atmosphere.?
A. Hydrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Nitrogen
D. None of these

155. Which is the common element in universe.?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Sulfuric
D. Neon 

156. The world’s highest mountain peak is.?
A. Mount Everest
B. K2
C. Hamaylia
D. None of Them

157. The height of the Mount Everest is.?
A. 8850 m
B. 8810 m
C. 7789 m
D. None of them

158. The world’s largest active volcano “Mauna Lao” is located in.?
A. Chile
B. Hawaii
C. Philippines
D. Indonesia

159. Name the country which is the largest producer of natural gas in the world.?
A. Iran
B. Tanzania
C. Norway
D. Russia

160. Name the fist president of India is.?
A. Dr. Ambedkar
B. Sadder patel
C. Dr. Rajendr Parsad
D. Nehru

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