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Saturday 27 February 2016

Biology MCQs Part 16

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151. Which of the following is an example of "molecule".?
A. Chloroplast
B. A Nerve Cell
C. Hydrogen

152. On the basis of collected facts and figures, a scientist formulates a feutative statement called.?
A. Hypothesis
B. Observation
C. Research Word
D. None Of Above

153. Organelles are.?
A. Unicellular Structures
B. Multi Cellular Structures
C. Sub-Cellular Structures
D. None of above

154. Various tissue types combine to make up.?
A. Cells
B. Organ System
C. Organelles
D. Organs

155. Two or more populations of different species living and interacting in the same area from.?
A. Biosphere
B. Ecosystem
C. Community
D. Population Systems

156. A Group of similar cells that perform a specific function is.?
A. Tissues
B. Organ
C. Organelle
D. Organ Systems

157. A group of very similar inter breeding organisms conscious.?
A. Biosphere
B. Species
C. Ecosystem
D. Community

158. Members of one species inhabiting the same area from.?
A. Species
B. Community
C. Population
D. None of above

159. Functional unit of DNA is.?
A. Genes
B. Nucleus
C. Chromosomes
D. Nucleolus

160. With different chemical arrangements and formation of complex molecules, the life emerges on the level of the?
A. Tissues
B. Cells
C. Organs
D. Oran Systems

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