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Friday 26 February 2016

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs 16

pakistan current affairs mcqs for 2018 test
151. The founder of the first Afghan dynasty in India was.?
A. Ibrahim Lodhi
B. Bahlol Lodhi
C. Sikandar Lodhi
D. None of above

152. Mughal Dynasty was to Bahadur Shah Zafar at Lodhi dynasty was to.?
A. Bahlol Lodhi
B. Dauladt Khan Lodhi
C. Ibrahim Lodhi
D. None of above

153. Who was the founder of the Lodhi Dynasty.?
A. Skindar Lodhi
B. Bahlol Lodhi
C. Akbar
D. None of above

154. With whose forces Babur met in the field of Panpat on April 21, 1526 and while defeating it captured Delhi and agara.?
A. Ibrahim Lodhi
B. Akbar Lodhi
C. Behlol Lodhi
D. None of above

155. Who was the last ruler of Lodhi Dynasty.?
A. Daulat Khan Lodhi
B. Bahlol Lodhi
C. Ibrahim Lodhi
D. None of above

156. Which battle makred an and end to the Dehli Sutanate in Sub-contnent in 1526.?
A. Battle of Panipa
B. Battle of Gogra
C. Battle of Khanwa
D. None of above

157. First voyage fo Vasco da Gama to India (discovery of seas route to india viat cape of good hope) was in.?
A. 1456
B. 1476
C. 1598
D. None of above

158. The Mughal Empire was founded by Babar in?
A. 1525
B. 1526
C. 1234
D. None of above

159. Slave dynasty of Indo-Pak was founded by.?
A. Sbuktagin
B. Babar
C. Qutab-ud-Din
D. Jalal-ud-Din

160. The slave dynasty lasted from 1206 to.?
A. 1207
B. 1208
C. 1250
D. 1290

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