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Sunday 6 December 2015

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 11

pakistan current affairs mcqs
101. The main occupation of the Indus Valley civilization was.?
A. Agriculture
B. Cattle rearing
C. Hunting
D. None of these

102. Mohenjo-Daro means.?
A. Civilized City
B. Beautiful Gardens
C. Mound of the Dead
D. Civilization

103. Indus Civilization is also known As.?
A. Kot Diji Civilization
B. Mohenodarao Civilization
C. Taxila Civilization
D. Harrapan Civilization

104. The Indus civilization flourished at Harappa and other sites as early as.?
A. 2500 BC
B. 2200 BC
C. 2400 BC
D. 2600 BC

105. Ale sander the great arrived in Taxila in.?
A. 316 BC
B. 226 BC
C. 306 BC
D. 226 BC

106. In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked on sindh.?
A. 712
B. 713
C. 714
D. 715

107. Muhammad Bin Qasim was called back by.?
A. Walid bin Abdul malik
B. Salaiman bin Abdul malik
C. Khalid bin Abdul Malik
D. None of these

108. Al Beruni came to India along with.?
A. Mahmud Ghazi
B. Muhammad Bin Qasim
C. Muhammad Ghuri
D. None of these

109. Name the last hindu ruler of the Sub-continet.?
A. Raja Pirthavi Raj
B. Raja Dahir
C. Raja Jay Pal
D. None of these

110. Who destroyed the temple of Somnat.?
A. Mamood Ghaznvi
B. Ghauri
C. Baba
D. Shah Jehan

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